Uses of Earmolds

Uses of Earmolds

What are Earmolds Used for?

Custom earmolds in Katy TX
Things that are custom made for you always fit better. What would you rather have, a suit off the rack or one that has been expertly tailored to fit only you? The same can be said for hearing protection.

Custom earmolds are made from impressions of your ear canal and the outer bowl-shaped portion of your ear (called the concha) taken by your Katy audiologist. Since the molds adhere perfectly to the contours of your ears, they provide a superior fit and protection.

Custom molds aren’t just made for earplugs; they can be used in a variety of products including headphones, stethoscopes and earpieces. Doctors, nurses, pilots, news reporters, musicians, swimmers, racecar drivers, hunters, concertgoers and construction workers are just some of the individuals who can benefit from custom molds.

The most common uses of earmolds are below:

Swimmers Plugs

Swimmers in Katy, Texas and those who participate in frequent water activities are at risk for developing a painful, itchy ear infection known as swimmer’s ear. These infections can also lead to a thickening of the bone and narrowed ear canals, a condition known as surfer’s ear (exostosis). Left untreated, both conditions could eventually cause hearing loss. Keeping the ears dry is key for preventing ear infections that can cause problems. The best way to accomplish this is by wearing specially designed swimmer’s earplugs.

Swimmer’s plugs protect the ears by preventing water from entering the ear canals. They are made of a waterproof silicone that blocks the opening of the ear canal, providing a tight seal that keeps out water. Swimmer’s plugs are great for swimmers, surfers, rafters and snorkelers, and can be used to keep the ears dry when showering or bathing, as well.

Hunters Plugs

Hunters, law enforcement officials and gun enthusiasts are at risk for hearing loss every time they squeeze their triggers. A single gunshot can cause permanent, irreversible hearing loss. The typical decibel rating is 140 dB – louder than a jet engine (120 dB). Specially designed hunter’s earplugs utilize acoustic filters that amplify ambient noise, allowing the user to hear his or her surroundings better; when the weapon is fired, these filters soften the sound to protect hearing. They include a valve that closes automatically when struck by a sound wave, limiting the volume that reaches the ear.

Hunter’s plugs are available in styles that fit in or behind the ear.

Musician’s Plugs

Musicians are especially susceptible to hearing loss because of their constant exposure to music that often exceeds safe decibel levels. To protect their hearing, they need earplugs that limit the amount of damaging noise, but still allow them to hear music that is clear and natural sounding. That’s where musician’s plugs come in. Regular earplugs cause distortion and muffled speech by reducing higher frequency sounds. High-fidelity musician’s plugs reduce all sounds evenly while maintaining quality, so that music and speech is as close to the original as possible. They include a number of interchangeable attenuators, filters that offer varying levels of sound protection depending on the type of instrument used and the venue played.

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