Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

Getting Fitted for Hearing Aid

You’re almost there! You are one step away from improving your quality of life through better hearing. The process began when you finally took the leap and called the best audiologist in Katy. You completed the hearing tests, worked with your audiologist to determine the right hearing aid for your type and degree or hearing loss and pulled the trigger on ordering it.

The final step? The fitting appointment.

Hearing Aid Fitting Steps

The first part of the fitting appointment involves a counseling session. This is when your Katy audiologist will prepare you for the new changes you are about to face. Unlike other types of medical treatments, hearing aids are not a cure for your hearing loss. They will improve your communication abilities but also have some limitations and take some getting used to. During this counseling portion of the appointment, you will learn what to expect before you ever put the hearing aids in your ear; this will help you achieve the maximum benefits from your devices.

The second part of this appointment is when your Katy hearing aid doctor fits and programs the devices you worked so hard to select. Your Katy audiologist will program your hearing aids to the optimum setting for your specific hearing needs then will check the physical fit of the devices. Making sure your hearing aids are comfortable to wear is an important step, as the key to hearing aid success is wearing the device every day. Once the device has been fitted and placed in your ears, it will be turned on. Your audiologist will measure the volume levels produced by the device to ensure that you are properly hearing the full range of sounds.

Your audiologist will then review proper care and maintenance directions. You will learn how to use your hearing aids correctly, make adjustments for different hearing environments, insert and remove them, change the batteries and clean and care for them properly. You will also learn strategies and tips for better communication.

The final step of the fitting process is scheduling the first follow-up visit. Your first visit will be scheduled a few weeks after your initial fitting. During this appointment, your Katy audiologist will fine-tune and adjust your hearing aids as needed and answer any questions you may have.

While the use of hearing aids has been shown to significantly increase your quality of life, it can be a difficult process. Some require multiple follow up visits to get their hearing aid fitted just right. To get started, contact the best audiologist in Katy, serving the surrounding West Houston, Brookshire and Fulshear areas as well.