December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Give to Toys for Tots

toys for tots

There’s no greater joy than giving to a child at Christmastime. Today’s Hearing is proud to be a collections depot for Toys for Tots, collecting now thru December 12. Toys for Tots accept new, unwrapped toys for all ages, infant through high school. They do not accept food products, liquids or realistic looking guns. They accept checks made out to Toys for Tots and use these funds to purchase toys in local stores, where they often receive special discounts, to fill in the gaps where they have not received enough toys, for example teens. Toys collected in the Katy area are given to children in the Katy area. Thank you for sharing your Christmas!

Hearing Apps Review 2017


For your convenience, below are a list of apps and web links, reviewed this year for hearing assistance and tinnitus. Choose an app that works for you.

  • ReSound Relief for Tinnitus Management
  • Roger Voice
  • Petralex
  • TV Louder
  • VoxSciences
  • Pandora
  • Whatsapp

Take Advantage of Insurance Benefits


There’s still time. You’ve worked hard all year to meet your deductible. Take advantage of it and get those hearing aids before December 29. Schedule your hearing evaluation and consultation and Hear Better Today!
(281) 578-7500 or email to get on our December calendar. Visit our website to complete New Patient paperwork .

Important Office Dates


We will begin construction on the front office area beginning December 21st. We will work on an Appointment Only Basis thru Dec. 29th. We will close Dec. 25 & 26 for Christmas and Jan. 1 for New Year’s Day. Our warmest wishes to you and your family for a wonderful and safe holiday season and a fantastic New Year! Cheers to Ears! Thank you for your business!